Miscellaneous reactions to what just happened.

70 million people voted for Donald Trump

Which he keeps tweeting, as if it’s proof that he should get to stay President. Which, somebody pointed out, is like saying the 49ers should have won the Super Bowl because they scored 20 points, even though Kansas City scored 31. The fact that 70 million Americans wanted to give him a second term, though, is not insignificant. In fact, it’s terrifying.

Elections have certainly been rigged in the past

In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote by half a million votes. He conceded on December 13, after losing Florida by about a thousand votes, and so giving up the electoral college votes he needed in addition to the simple majority of Americans’ wishes.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by three million. She conceded on election night after losing the electoral college.

Things I can deal with again

The news.

The American flag.

Scary women

As far as I can make out, Kamala Harris is a scary woman because . . .

She is a woman.

She’s black.

Her parents weren’t born in America.

Yes, we get it. Trump isn’t going away.

He could die tonight (biting my tongue here), and he still wouldn’t go away. Because he gaslighted us. From now on, you can’t defend yourself with facts. Only with the right endorsements. From now on, if you say the earth is round, you can’t show a picture from space to prove it. You have to show a picture from space published by Fox News.

I don’t know when people with different opinions will be able to have a discussion again in this country by starting with a few undisputed facts, but I don’t expect it in my lifetime.

This is all thanks to Donald.

Alex Trebec is dead.

So he’s out, as an arbiter. We’re just left with Family Feud, I guess.

I like Joe, even though he was awfully low on my list.

When he announced his candidacy, I said it was like when someone my age bounds up to the volleyball net at the staff picnic and everyone looks around awkwardly trying to decide which team has to take me.

In retrospect, I do wonder if Elizabeth Warren would have won, though. Maybe. But you have to admit. She’s a woman, and that’s pretty scary for a lot of people.

If things are bad enough, a few Republicans might vote for a Democrat. If he’s white, if he isn’t a woman.

Conversely, people are perfectly ok with a woman Supreme Court justice, or a black one. In fact, they’re very proud to be ok with it. It’s just that really volatile mix of gender or race with Democratic politics. Like, whoa . . . yeah, sure she was a DA but . . . black woman Dem? The only way you trust a woman of color is if she’s a Republican. Only way to prove she’s got her head screwed on right. Otherwise . . . scary!

Science, glad to have you back.

Wouldn’t it be great to get Republicans back on board with empirical evidence? Maybe we can shame them into it.

Evangelicals, you’re going to have a President who’s a regular churchgoer!

Catholic, I know. You can’t have everything. But you’re good with the Catholic lady for the Supreme Court, so I figure this could be a win, too.

As William Ader (@JustBill) tweeted the other day, “Lots of evangelicals surprised today to find out what ‘God’s will’ really is.”