Confessions of a Trump Voter

I have changed my mind before. In college—at Bible college, in fact—after voting for Gerald Ford in 1976, two years later I changed my registration to the Democratic Party. Ever since, I’ve been very aware that I don’t know everything, and that as I have new experiences, meet new people, read new things, I may have to change my mind again now and then. In the almost forty years since I first changed my registration, Americans of either political stripe have seemed to become only more and more sure of themselves, less and less apt to think they may be ignorant of anything.

So it was good for me today to find this story this morning in one of my usual liberal propaganda rags, the Confessions of a Trump Voter. We need to listen to each other, and I listened to this. I think the guy was mistaken in his faith in Trump—I haven’t changed my mind about that—but it reminds me that Obama wasn’t Jesus Christ, and that we need to learn from our mistakes.