Those Damned Dems

Educate me

While the ultimate goal of this blog, of course, is to foment a secular socialist revolution in which all Christians will be sent to re-education camps and it will be legal to have sex with dogs . . . 

I’m also interested in getting conservative and liberals to talk to each other and, even more ludicrously, listen to each other. So in that spirit, I’m interested in being introduced to the conservative voices you wish a liberal like me would be exposed to. Just remember that I’m a liberal. So the firebrands who seem to you to be preaching the obvious undeniable Truth will likely fall on deaf ears—I’m not going to listen to a person who yells at me. But I’m always interested in someone with a different take on things who makes me think. So if you know of someone like that, e-mail me, or message me on Facebook (not on a public post, though), or text me, or if you’re feeling really retro, tell me in person.

Educate you

I thought I’d mention that the elite mainstream media does have a few conservative voices in its ranks. David Brooks and Ross Douthat, both at the New York Times, are two of them. They drive us liberals crazy. I mention this to correct the impression that papers like the Times or the Washington Post are just the Fox News of the Democrats, picking only stories that confirm liberal bias. 

Can a White Evangelical Be a Democrat?

I should really give this subject its own blog post, but I thought I’d just sneak it in here to start the discussion. At first, I wrote, “Can a Christian be a Democrat?” but aside from the patent silliness of the question, I thought I’d first bring to my white friends’ attention the news that African American Christians and Latino Christians and most Catholics of any racial/cultural group vote for Democrats. This is despite the fact that they’re against abortion and gay marriage. Within the religious community, it’s pretty much the white people—and the white evangelicals in particular—who vote for Republicans. If you’re white, I think you might want to think for a while why that is. And take a look at these political heretics: